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The Perfect Choice

The Perfect Choice

Is the fear of failure a looming threat that hampers your decision making process? If so, you are likely spending valuable time and energy in your efforts to avoid doing the wrong thing. Here’s a bit of advice that can save you some angst, and have you breezing through decisions with confidence.


In the life of a legacy entrepreneur, some of the most difficult work situations involve the angst of making a big decision.

Making decisions can be daunting when the buck stops with you.

If there are complications, you are the one who has to deal with them.

The fear and trepidation that arises around the possibility of making the “wrong” decision can be crippling. This crippling effect often comes from perfectionism and fear of failure.

Anyone interested in self-improvement or growing a successful business wants to make effective decisions.

This is a worthy goal.

The problem arises when you tell yourself you have failed, wimped out, or goofed if your decision doesn’t produce the results you intended.

If you are someone who spends valuable time and energy obsessing over making the “right” choice, here is a bit of golden wisdom:

The only perfect choice is the one where you trust yourself, the universe, and the unfolding process of your growth and learning.

Trust allows you to move forward more quickly with a decision.

So what if…

  •     You subsequently gain some new, pertinent information?
  •     The situation changes?
  •     Your initial choice simply doesn’t work?

Here’s what: You choose again!

Any decision you make can be amended at a later time if necessary.

If the original choice doesn’t work, give thanks to the universe for offering you a new insight.

This is an opportunity to grow!

Now you can gain more:

  •     Wisdom
  •     Knowledge
  •     Understanding
  •     Strength
  •     Personal power
  •     Expertise

The list goes on…

So, make a wise choice to strengthen your trust muscle.

Be aware of instances where you are taking too much time to make a decision. Move through decisions more quickly.

Have confidence that you are making the right choice for NOW. Give yourself permission to change or amend your decision in the future if necessary.

The only possible failure is a missed opportunity to grow.