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The Plight of the Approval Seeker

The Plight of the Approval Seeker

Are you an approval seeker who constantly wants acknowledgement from your boss, your friends, or other people? If so, you may be surprised to know it’s not because other people don’t appreciate you enough. Listen to this clip for insight into how you can get the approval you crave.

Finding your internal groove is so important when it comes to real life satisfaction.

Being an approval seeker who needs validation from others will never get you there.

It has to come from within. That means you have to be a positive self-talk example for yourself.

Examine your inner dialogue. How do you speak to yourself?

Inner dialogue is akin to self-hypnosis.

It’s the most profound language there is, and it has a monumental effect on how you experience life on all levels.

So if you constantly tell yourself you’re not good enough in some way, you start to believe it.

And since no one wants to feel like they’re not good enough, you’ll end up forever craving (and seeking) approval and appreciation from other people.

It’s worth the effort to examine your inner dialogue and take the necessary steps to change it when you discover that it is unkind, judgmental, or disrespectful.

Getting into the practice of being kind and appreciative of yourself will help you feel less hungry for the crumbs of acknowledgement you get from others. And this will have a ripple effect on all aspects of your life experience.



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