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There is No Logic to a Grief Pattern

There is no logic to a grief pattern and it's definitely not linear.

Grief is something we experience as a result of loss. And right now, most of us are feeling it in one way or another.

Many are grieving in multiple ways all at once.

Systemic racism is finally being looked at more clearly than ever thankfully, but that’s not an easy or smooth journey.

Black people have been living their lives in more pain, in subtle, blatant, and violent ways, than many have realized. They’ve been living it their whole lives.

We feel this in our collective grief and if you’re not feeling it, I encourage you to search your heart in a deeper way and look for ways you can make a positive difference.

You may be experiencing the loss of loved ones or their illnesses, not being able to hug your friends and family, mitigated Summer travels, missing traditional graduations, job furloughs and other factors centered around the Covid-19 pandemic.

While there are many reasons now, with varying degrees of intensity, that grief cycles create emotions that we don’t always understand or expect and even arise at inconvenient times.

That’s why it is so important to be gentle with yourself and others during this time.

All of the feelings are okay.

They’re human. Give yourself and others the gift of a safe space to process the waves as they come up.



If you’ve found yourself in uncertain territory as our world continues to unfold, I can help. We are all feeling it and you’re not alone. I’ve helped many clients find the path that is right for them in the face of challenging circumstances. Please reach out for support, whether career related, or otherwise.

And if you know a friend or neighbor who could use hearing the advice in this article, please forward this to them too.