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Transforming Life One Day At A Time

Transforming Life One Day At A Time

Are you interested in growing your business or transforming your life? If so, getting into the habit of planning for these three things at the end of every day will help keep you on track.

Transforming life and building a career you love require focused self-management and daily attention.

That’s why I have a daily planning meeting with myself at the end of each day where I plan for the following day.

I recommend this practice for all of my clients as well.

In my case, the daily planning meeting includes noting what I will be doing the next day.

For instance, will I be with clients, or will I be going out for a meeting?

Is there something on the calendar that will require me to get up earlier than usual or to wear a certain type of attire?

I also focus on the needle moving projects (also known as high potential actions, or HPAs) that I will do the following day.

HPAs are primarily about my business and income, but they are also projects that have a positive impact on other key areas of my life.

Needle-moving projects can include any of the following:

  • Making a phone call or sending an email to a potential new client.
  • Taking steps to create a program or workshop that can potentially generate income.
  • Doing a workout.
  • Meditating.

While working out or meditating don’t contribute directly to income generation, they are important because they are part of what keeps you healthy and sharp.

Anything that generates income, allows you to meet your personal goals or contributes to your core values is a needle-moving project.

I recommend planning for 3 needle moving projects per day.

This may seem like a low number, but that’s a good thing. I want it to be attainable so you feel like a rock star at the end of the day. (It also happens that three is a good number of things for your brain to hold onto).

The third part of the daily planning meeting is simple.

It’s about your intention for the day.

What quality do you want to focus on?

Do you hope to gain clarity about a situation?

Do you want to be calm and focused?

Do you want to get stronger physically?

Doing these three things each day (setting an intention, planning the activities of your day, and deciding what three needle-moving actions you will take) will keep you on track to transforming life and building a career you love one day at a time.



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