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Trust Your Own Value

Trust Your Own Value

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business and breaking through your money barriers is acting from a place of courage, which can certainly be a challenge when you’re feeling discouraged. Use this simple reminder to help you keep the faith.


When you run your own business, it is very important to establish effective habits, patterns and practices. One such practice is to stand in your courage even when there is not a long list of clients.

Stand in Courage

Making decisions from a place of fear or desperation will often bring unwanted consequences. For this reason, you should be aware of whether a potential client is ideal for your company.

You may be tempted to take on a client or a job when you are feeling anxious about your financial situation. This is not an act of courage. It is an act of fear.

Create a Money Breakthrough

Practicing courage in such situations will actually open the door for a money breakthrough experience. When you say no to something that is not ideal for your company, you open up space for something that is.

You tell the universe you are ready for a money breakthrough.

You affirm to yourself that you and your product/service are valuable enough to wait for the right opportunity.

Trust Your Value

When you are not operating from a place of trusting your own value, the client can sense it. This may be conscious or unconscious. Often, this is why a client will challenge your price or ask for a lower rate. Someone who is not willing to pay the price you require is simply not your client.

Be confident that your product is worth what you are charging. This confidence will be evident to prospective clients as well.

It may be scary the first time or two that you “lose” a client because you are not willing to lower your rates. But the confidence will build and the fear will diminish each time you choose not to act from fear.

When you act from a place of power, the universe brings what you expect.

So, stand in courage, poise yourself for a money breakthrough, and get ready to move forward.



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