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Two ‘Empowerment of Self’ Practices

Two Empowerment of Self Practices

Effective empowerment of self practices require an understanding of self. Are you empowered with self-understanding? Here are two ways to build your self-empowerment.

If you are a client or if you follow me in any way, you know that I am a big proponent of self-empowerment.

Empowerment of self practices comprise a large part of my coaching process because empowered people are better able to build lives and careers that bring them true joy and fulfillment.

Self empowerment requires standing in your truth.

Standing in your truth can mean different things in different circumstances.

In this article, I will outline two ways to practice self-empowerment by standing in your truth.

The first practice is to take responsibility for your part in any and all conflict.

It really does take two to tango, so there is always some part of conflict that can be addressed by looking at yourself.

This may involve how you communicate. It may be related to unrealistic expectations.

It could be about how you speak to yourself with the voice in your head.

It takes courage and self-honesty to look at yourself, but the growth that can happen (and the harmony that can unfold in your life and career as a result) is worth the effort.

This is not about self-blame.

And it’s not about letting others off the hook for the part they have played.

It’s about focusing your energy where you can actually get the most out of your efforts.

Taking responsibility for yourself is the same as taking your power back.

The second way to empower yourself by standing in your truth is by speaking your truth with grace and style.

Always be professional and respectful, but don’t expect others to guess what’s on your mind or pick up on subtle non-verbal cues.

Taking responsibility for your own behavior and thoughts and clear communication are invaluable tools for self-empowerment.




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