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Wait a Minute!

Wait A Minute

Do you find a million things to do instead of what you really need to do? Here’s a provocative angle on the psychology of procrastination.


Is there anyone who hasn’t been affected by the bane of procrastination?

Probably not. Why is that? It’s because procrastination is a tool that all humans use in certain situations.

We may not procrastinate on the same things, but we all procrastinate.

And since all humans are subject to procrastination, we cannot approach it as a reflection on our self-worth. We can, however, use the insight we gain from it to develop healthier habits, patterns and practices.

Procrastination is an effective strategic tool for avoiding things that make us feel bad. That’s why we all do it. And that’s why we do it for different reasons, because we aren’t all avoiding the same things.

If you feel overwhelmed when you do your bookkeeping, that’s a task you are likely to procrastinate on.

If you feel frustrated when you start a new project, you will most likely employ the tool of procrastination when it’s time to start a new project.

If you feel angry or uncomfortable about calling clients who owe you money, guess what?

Time management systems often do not recognize the psychological component of procrastination.

That’s why they often don’t get us lasting positive results. In order to tackle the bear of procrastination, we have to first understand the feelings we are trying to avoid.

Beating yourself up because you have labeled yourself a bad or unproductive person doesn’t address the real issue.

Once you have identified what you are trying to avoid by procrastinating, you can determine a more effective strategy for dealing with it.

Maybe you need to hire a bookkeeper, work through the discomfort, or practice a meditative or relaxation technique.

The main point is not to judge yourself harshly when you find you are procrastinating.

Suspending judgment and acknowledging the feelings you are avoiding will provide a more stable foundation from which to deal with the issue. From there, you will be able to determine a more workable long-term solution. This is effective self-management!




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