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Answering the Question “What Do You Do?”

Answering the Question What Do You Do?

If you’re an entrepreneur (or even a budding one), when you’re networking and someone asks you what you do, do you stumble over what to say or does it come out sounding boring? Here is the most critical key to answering that question in a way that engages someone in a deeper dialogue. And this may just uncover a client or a referral for you! You are not just a job title. Instead, you have something to offer people that helps them solve a problem. This is where the gold is.


What do you do?

Do you start to get anxiety just hearing that sentence?

If you are an entrepreneur, answering this question with a rockstar mindset is one of the most important pieces to integrate into your everyday habits, patterns and practices.

You may have tried to memorize a script for these kinds of situations, which means you will immediately go into your own head to bring up the script, rather than remaining engaged with the other person. This breaks the connection, and has the potential of causing them to lose interest.

So, here’s the secret formula:

Anytime you make a connection with someone, whether in writing or talking to someone in line at the grocery store, you’re always positioning it in terms of what’s in it for them.

People are interested in what you have to offer them and when you approach the subject from that mindset, you grab their attention and interest right away.

There is no need to memorize a script for this.

Simply think about how you can provide what the other person is looking for.

The beauty of approaching the question from this perspective is that it allows you to step out of your own head.

You are focused on the other person, what they need, and how you can support, help, or be a gift to them.

You step into confidence and passion when you are thinking of how you can provide a service or product for someone else. You aren’t worried or anxious about whether or not you are sticking to a script. You get the other person’s attention, from the very beginning. You build an immediate rapport, which allows you to give a more relaxed impression of yourself and your business.

So, on the road to becoming a legacy entrepreneur, make it a part of your everyday habits, patterns and practices to create a genuine connection with anyone who inquires about your business.

Give them an answer that grabs their interest immediately by letting them know you have something valuable to offer them.



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