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What is the Best Job For Me?

What is the Best Job For Me?

What is the best job for me? It’s a question that brings many clients to me. Could it be that the answer is right under your nose?

If you want to be true to yourself while building your career, you are probably asking questions like:

  • What is the best job for me?
  • What is the best career for me?
  • What are my best career options?

These are questions I have helped many clients find the answers to.

The quest to discover your best job choices is about working out what is unique to you, especially as it relates to how you like to work.

What are the habits and routines that allow you to best implement your skills?

For instance, do you like to work in a team, or do you prefer to work alone? Or would you rather be leading a team? Maybe you like to work alone part of the time, but you also enjoy working with others some of the time.

Are you a creative person?

Something I like to remind people of is that being creative doesn’t just mean being a painter, a sculptor or a dancer.

Being creative means being a good problem solver for some. In fact, solving really hairy, gnarly problems is how some people tap into their greatest gifts.

Another line of inquiry that can help you discover your best job choices is around what you enjoyed doing as a child.

Were you the kid lining up all your stuffed animals up so you could be their teacher?

Did you like to go out in the woods alone and explore?

Did you enjoy organizing all the closets and cupboards in the house?

Have you unofficially been a mentor for others since you were 12?

It’s essential to grasp that your greatest gifts are very often right under your nose. Your purpose is not something you have to go “out there” searching for.

I hope exploring the answers to these questions will give you some insight into how to fashion a career that allows you to be true to yourself!



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