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Where Do Personal Strengths Come From?

Where Do Personal Strengths Come From?

What are your personal strengths? How do you acquire personal strengths? Endeavoring to answer these questions will help you stand in your truth in your business and personal life. Here’s how.

My self love journey began when I realized I didn’t even know who I was.

I knew I had personal strengths, because I had always been a “good girl” (aka overachiever).

I was a hard worker from the time I was in elementary school.

But it occurred to me that the life I had fostered was not bringing me peace and career satisfaction because I wasn’t living from the core of my truth.

My life and career did not reflect my personal values.

I got to a place where I was burned out and miserable even though I had a highly coveted corporate position with all the bells and whistles of worldly success.

That’s where being the good girl with no understanding of my personal truth had gotten me.

So I set out on a self love journey.

I put my strong work ethic in the service of learning about who I really was.

I discovered that, while the career I had worked my entire life to achieve was not fulfilling my soul, I had still gained some valuable personal strengths along the way.

If you have found yourself in a similar situation, i.e., not thrilled about the work you do and wondering what direction you want to go, I encourage you to act with intention and determination to stand in your truth.

That means finding out who you really are, determining what really matters to you, and arranging your life and career so you can live from those values.

And if you have to go through experiences that feel uncomfortable where you feel like you’re kicking and screaming the entire way, take a moment to appreciate what you are learning about yourself and your personal strengths through the process.

Challenging situations are where we learn the most about ourselves. In fact, it’s where many of our personal strengths come from!



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