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Why Haven’t They Called?

Why Haven't They Called?

Ugh! The agony of waiting for that call back after an interview! Ever find yourself in this position? Stressing over not getting a call back right away after a fabulous interview for a position you really want is a waste of precious energy. Here’s why…

One of the most uncomfortable parts of interviewing for jobs is the limbo period after an interview.

This discomfort is only magnified when it’s a position you really want.

Whether you feel like you aced the interview, or you think you could have done better, I have a word of expert advice for you (and I can say this because I’ve been a hiring manager, so I know what it’s like to be in their shoes)…


And try not to even think about hearing back from them for at least a week. In fact, in many instances, even a week is too soon to start expecting the call.


Because hiring managers are busy people!

Chances are they have a huge stack of resumes on their desk for starters. They are also likely to be doing their job, which now has the added responsibility of hiring someone to fill an open position, while also doing the job of the position they are trying to fill.

In all aspects of the interview process, it’s good to practice putting yourself in the shoes of the interviewer.

This can have the benefit of easing some of the nerves of being interviewed because it takes the focus off of you, and puts it on them… and how you can HELP them.

After all, that’s why you’ve shown up to the interview.

And when you carry this M.O. into the uncomfortable space after an interview, you are able to acknowledge the fact that your interviewer has about a million other things to do before he or she even thinks about calling you back.

So, give yourself permission to let go of your post interview angst for at least a week after your interview.

And instead, put your creative energy into your next interview. Or take time to meditate, spend quality time with family and friends, or some other wholesome, constructive pastime.



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