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Workflow Efficiency and Your Busy Schedule

Workflow Efficiency and Your Busy Schedule

How is your workflow efficiency quotient? Efficient use of your time is a must if you have a full schedule and you don’t want to work all the time. In this clip, you’ll find some surprising news about how to increase your workflow efficiency.

Workflow efficiency is so important when you are an entrepreneur or a busy professional.

Having an efficient workflow can facilitate a money breakthrough as well, because time is money!

People often think that coaching requires adding a lot of extra things to your to-do list.

Some people don’t even consider coaching because they don’t think they have room on their schedule.

However, my coaching philosophy is not to have my clients do more, but to help them let go of things and do less in order to grow their business.

I coach by removal, because more is not always better.

In fact, if you have too many things on your schedule, you simply cannot do them all with quality and satisfaction.

If you’ve found yourself trying to do too much, I’m sure you’ll agree that more stuff on your calendar does not make you more efficient.

It’s actually possible to accomplish more by taking some things off the calendar in many cases.

It doesn’t mean you decide not to do some of the things at all, although that may be what is called for in some cases.

You may also choose to do some things at another time, or even delegate tasks to someone who is more qualified.

One great clue that something on your schedule needs to be delegated or removed is if it’s something you feel like you should do.

Generally there are things your time would be better spent doing than the things you are “shoulding” on yourself about, because chances are those are the things you don’t enjoy doing or you’re not particularly good at (or both).

So, take an honest look at your schedule and see what items you can delegate, move to another time slot, or eliminate altogether!

Stop shoulding on yourself and create a path for a money breakthrough!



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