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Your Self Love Language

Your Self Love Language

What is your self love language? If self love seems like a foreign concept to you, you may need to listen to this!

Knowing and speaking your self love language is an integral part of your success in business and in life.

A big reason for this is that we humans need encouragement in order to thrive.

And if self-advocacy is not on your personal values list, it doesn’t matter how much encouragement you are getting from others, that inner bully will sabotage all your efforts.

Your inner voice, (how you speak to yourself in your head), has an enormous impact on all aspects of your life and career.

It can be the difference between trying again when something doesn’t go as planned or giving up because it seems too hard.

No one wants to be battered by a verbal abuser, and when that abuser is you, one of the ways you attempt to keep it quiet is to avoid doing the things that get it going.

One of the disturbing things I have learned as a career coach is just how rude and disrespectful many people are with themselves.

Your business can only grow as much as you are willing to grow, and self doubt and self criticism are personal growth inhibitors.

Helping people discover and speak their self love language is a big part of how I help my clients become successful.

It takes real introspection and self-honesty to apprehend the inner bully and become your own best advocate, because the voice of the inner bully can be sneaky and subtle in the ways it undermines your progress in life.

It’s important to note that self advocacy and speaking your self love language is not the same as having an inflated ego. It just means speaking to yourself the same kind and caring way you would speak to a dear friend or someone you love and respect.

YOU have to learn to be your biggest cheerleader if you want to succeed!



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