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Your Work From Home Groove | Go Big and Go Home Podcast with Lauren Ravitz

Your Work From Home Groove

FROM: Go Big AND Go Home with Lauren Ravitz

Do you find working at home to be frustrating and unproductive? If so, it’s likely because you simply haven’t set yourself up for success. In this podcast, I’ll offer some essential tips for doing just that. You may even discover how working from home can be more productive than working at the office!



Working from home

Do those words bring feelings of joy and comfort, or thoughts of anxiety and repulsion?

No matter what your initial response, working from home can be productive, rewarding and enjoyable.

And, in the ever-changing post-corona world, it has for many of us, become necessary.

If you struggle finding your work groove from home, there are some self-management tools for creating a more satisfying and successful experience.

Let’s start by acknowledging some of the perks of home-based work:

  • Reduced time and financial costs of commuting
  • No face-mask
  • More flexibility in your daily routine
  • You can wear what’s comfortable

Wearing what is comfortable for you does not necessarily mean lounging in pajamas all day if you feel more “worky” when you are dressed. However, if wearing pajamas while you work doesn’t have a negative impact on your productivity, and you like doing it, by all means go to “the office” in pajamas.

That brings me to the home-office matter.

It is an important consideration! Even if you don’t have an entire room to set aside for a home office, I do recommend creating a designated work space. Even a chair at the dining room table works.

Next, you need to set office hours.

Office hours are an integral component of effective time management!

This may be another thing to celebrate about working from home if you are someone who works best during unconventional office hours. If you are in a position that doesn’t dictate working 9-5, and you enjoy working late at night after your family has gone to bed, you have the freedom to set your office hours during those times.

I suggest doing a little experimenting if you don’t know when your most ideal time to work is. We all have what I call “power zones,” which are times during the day when we are most alert and focused.

Ideally, your office hours coincide with these zones of high potential.

Once you have designated office hours, it’s time to methodically remove unwanted distractions.

Turn off your phone, stay off of social media, and make sure your family members know not to disturb you. Children can be involved in this too! While it may take some getting used to, they can be taught to save questions or needs for a time when you will be available.

Incidentally, no household chores or “home-projects” allowed while you are “at the office.” You wouldn’t do a load of laundry in the middle of a normal work day, so you shouldn’t do it while you’re working from home either!

I also recommend that you set a lunch break for a specific time.

That means leaving your designated work area, and taking 30 minutes or an hour to eat. And no work-related phone calls!

Other short breaks throughout the day are ideal time-management tools as well. Set breaks for every 90 minutes (which may also be a good time to check in with the kids). This allows your brain and body time to refresh so you work more efficiently over the course of the day.

Whether you work from home as a choice or out of necessity, I hope these tips will help you find your own internal home groove!



If you have specific work challenges in this unusual time, questions about options for navigating something you’ve not encountered before or simply need a shoulder for some extra support, I am here for you so please consider booking a private phone consultation. And yes, this is on me to support your ease and good health.

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