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You’ve Got the Goods

You’ve Got the Goods

Does your price reflect the true value of your work? Understanding the value you offer your clients is fundamental. This is especially true if you’re an entrepreneur and setting or negotiating your own rates.

Are you an entrepreneur, or someone who aspires to having your own business?

If so, one of the reasons is probably financial freedom.

No matter where you are on the path to becoming a successful business owner, it’s a good practice to regularly remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing.

And when it comes to acknowledging the value you offer, it’s essential to look at the why from the perspective of your clients.

Why do your clients choose you?

Unless you are selling toy trinkets for fifty cents, it is likely NOT because you have the lowest priced product.

As a matter of fact, when someone is in the market for quality, they are not searching for the lowest price. They are searching for the best value. This means they are willing to pay the price you deserve when they see the value in what you offer.

An essential part of career growth as an entrepreneur is the ongoing refinement of the value you offer in relationship to your clients’ needs..

If you’re feeling uncomfortable naming the price that’s in alignment with the result you deliver to your customers, it may be a good time to explore what fears, assumptions or mindsets are getting in the way of you fully valuing yourself and what you offer.

Make a list of all the valuable things your clients gain when they choose you.

And if you’re in the service business, please understand it’s not just your time.

Do keep in mind what your client needs is not just a monetary exchange of goods or services.

What you provide may lead to their peace of mind, confidence, greater results in their life and business or a sense of joy and appreciation.

These, among many others, are all components of the value you offer.

Money breakthroughs come when you know your value, and the value of your business.

So it’s important for you to have a clear sense of what that is. Don’t be the last one to see your true worth! And no, this is not the same thing as bravado or ego.

When you’re fully aware of the positive aspects your business brings to your clients, you will have more confidence in asking the price it’s worth and a greater opportunity to get it because you’ll both feel good about it!



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