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Put It In Writing

Put It In Writing

Standing out in an interview… Do you have any tricks or ideas about how to do this? One way is to do something that NO OTHER applicant does. Take a minute to listen to this quick tip about one sure fire, EASY way to impress your interviewer.

Everyone knows the objective of a job interview is making a good impression.

And if you are actively searching for a job, you are always looking for new and better ways to tweak your job search strategy.

As a career coach, I have helped many clients land jobs they are excited about. And with my experience as a hiring manager in my prior career in marketing, I have insight into the situation from the other side of the interview table.

Here’s a question you may or may not know the answer to:

Who sends hand-written thank you notes after job interviews these days?

Answer: No one!

Or at least very few people.

What that means is that sending a hand-written thank you note should absolutely be a part of your job search strategy.

It’s an easy way to stand out in a crowd of possibly hundreds of applicants.

It also means sending hand-written thank you notes to everyone you encounter in your interview process. So, if you did a group interview with five people, you send each one of those people a hand-written thank you note.

This gesture goes above and beyond simply saying thank you…

or sending a thank you email…

or even sending a typed thank you note.

It adds a personal touch to the process.

That’s something the interviewer will not forget!

I recommend that you have a few thank you notes in your car when you go into an interview. If you know the address you will be sending them to, you can have the envelope(s) addressed and stamped.

You can even have the note filled out already if you like, although chances are you’ll want to wait in case you want to make it even more personal by highlighting something that happened in the interview process.

Having the note ready to go means you can simply drop it in the mail right after leaving the interview.

Voila’. Now you’ve made sure to be someone the interviewer is not likely to forget!



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