Don't Say It

Don’t Say It

If you consider yourself a people person, get informed on the new way to communicate the merits of your interpersonal skills. For starters, here’s what NOT to say.

Boldly Go Where Job Boards Do Not Lead

Boldly Go Where Job Boards Do Not Lead

One way to search for a job is in the box of job board listings. However, there is a much more creative and motivating way to find a job that could be a great fit for YOU. Find it here, and start your gears to turning!

Tell Me A Story

Tell Me a Story

Some hiring managers are trained to interview in a way that prompts you to give detailed information about yourself. Avoid answering a question in an interview with a simple yes or no. Here’s why…

It Takes Two

It Takes Two

If you’re going for an interview, you’d better be prepared to answer some questions. But it is also important that you do some of the asking whether the interview is for your dream job or not. Here are some excellent tips on how and what to ask.

Crank It Up and Breathe It Out

Crank It Up and Breathe It Out

Don’t be nervous about your next interview. Use this unconventional technique to pump up your confidence and leave a great impression.

Will it be Over Soon?!

Will It Be Over Soon?!

Interviewing for a job can be stressful, but it shouldn’t be terrifying. Thankfully, there are some ways to make the interview process part of your job search strategy more bearable.

Do They Like Me?

Do They Like Me?

Is who you know important when you are searching for your dream job? Yes! But since you don’t always know your interviewer, here are some points to keep in mind for building a positive rapport during an effective job search interview process.

Interviews These Days

Interviews These Days!

Ever heard of “behavioral job interviewing?” Everybody’s doing it! Get in the know and take this invaluable advice on how to be prepared during your next job interview.

Shake it the Right Way

Shake It the Right Way

A handshake is a simple way to communicate something about who you are. Keep these handy tips in mind when you are networking, interviewing, or simply meeting a new person.