One Tiny Step Can Put You On The Path To Completion

One Tiny Step Can Put You on the Path to Completion

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of finishing a seemingly monumental task? Do you become easily discouraged or distracted at the mere thought of it? Here is a sublime self-management remedy for quickly moving out of overwhelm and into productivity.

State Your Purpose

State Your Purpose

Do you know what your life purpose is? It isn’t necessarily about what you do for a living, although what you do for a living can be a part of it. This nugget offers some insight on how to construct a meaningful and practical life purpose statement.

Cue You

Cue You

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is freedom to pursue his unique gifts and talents. You are guaranteed to enjoy this simple and easy way to show your children how to live their own truth.

No Good Comes From Comparing Yourself to Others

One True You - Using Your Personal Power to Model Self Worth for Kids

One True You

There are many ways that children learn what their environment demands of them. In a society that encourages conformity, it is sometimes a challenge to discover and develop the qualities that set us apart from others. Here is an inspiring reminder of the value of being (and teaching others to be) unique individuals.

Shake it the Right Way

Shake It the Right Way

A handshake is a simple way to communicate something about who you are. Keep these handy tips in mind when you are networking, interviewing, or simply meeting a new person.

What Is The Problem

“What” Is The Problem

Getting to the root of an issue you are trying to bring to resolution can be a daunting process. If you are trying to make changes in your life or career, or simply be your best self, “What,” may not be the question you need to be asking.

Keep it Real!

Keep it Real!

Always do your best, right? Here is an insightful elaboration on this well-known adage.

Someone who truly values their expertise is never without a business card