Too Many Passions

Too Many Passions?

The old saying: Jack-of-all-trades, master of none! reveals the bias against those who choose a varied work life rather than committing to a unidirectional path. There was a time, however, when society admired such a person. In fact, some of our greatest contributors have been talented in a variety of areas.

Are You Working in Sync with Your Values?

Are You Working in Sync with Your Values?

Satisfaction and fulfillment at work are directly related to how well you are working in alignment with your values. Values are not morals or principles. They are the essence of who you are—not who you think you should be, who your company thinks you should be or who your mother or partner thinks you should be. Take this quiz to see how well you are working in sync with your values.

Top 10 Sources of Stress and Your Boss Isn’t Even On the List

Ask people why they’re stressed at work, and they’re likely to say that it’s somebody else’s fault, looming deadlines, too much work, too little staff and more difficult work situations than they can explain. I know, you have a pain in the neck boss and more cranky clients than you can count. While these can […]