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Be the Life of the Party!

Be the Life of the Party!

Can life fulfillment make you more attractive? It most definitely can! Use this compelling personal account to encourage yourself to follow your dreams.


Have you ever been to a party and noticed someone who seems to shine from the inside out?

Everyone wants to be around them, including you, because they have a spark of fun and excitement.

If you are in a space of career burnout or job burnout, this is the kind of person you envy. We all want to have that inner spark, and when we are discouraged and unsatisfied in our job or career, often that spark fades.

If you are suffering from career burnout, you are most likely dealing with low energy.

You may be depressed.

You may have abandoned your efforts at self-improvement altogether.

You are just trying to maintain so you can get your paycheck and pay your bills.

I know the feeling.

Before I became a life coach, I had a major case of job burnout. And, because of it, my health and vitality were suffering.

I realized I needed to come up with a job search strategy and free myself from the job that was sucking the life out of me.

It took some time.

The good news is, after eight or nine months of reinventing myself as a life coach, my vitality returned. People started asking me if I had done something different. Did I get a new hairstyle? Did I lose weight? Did I have plastic surgery?

The answer to most of those questions was no.

But I had done something different.

I had a jobectomy.

I was now doing work I was meant to do.

Like the person who is the life of the party, I was shining from the inside out. I had recovered my own internal groove! And people noticed that something had changed.

The name of my company, Internal Groove, came from the idea of this inner spark that shines when we are doing work we love.

Doing work you love is better than plastic surgery. It gives you a sense of purpose. It makes you feel alive and vital. The joy and satisfaction it brings make you more attractive to other people.

So, if you are in a place of career burnout or job burnout, I encourage you to start creating your escape plan. Build a job search strategy based on things you love. Start reinventing yourself.

You can be fulfilled in your work. YOU can be the life of the party!