Do you really want to answer that? The key to avoiding distractions

Do You Really Want to Answer That?

Do you expect others to respect your time and boundaries? If so, you have to respect them yourself. Here is a wonderfully adaptable self-management tool that will get you immediate results.

Get outta here!

Get Outta Here!

It’s great to be your own boss… in theory. But if you feel chained to your desk, this little reminder may stimulate some ideas for creating a more pleasant work experience for yourself.

One, Two, Three. Hurray for Me!

One, Two, Three. Hurray for Me!

If you are someone who gets bogged down in regrets about the past, take heed of this intelligent reminder and grab your pom poms!

Kiss My App

Kiss My App

Have you become frustrated or disenchanted with the ineffectiveness of ready made time-management and productivity systems? If so, here is some empowering advice on how to finally find a system that works for YOU.

The Power Of One

The Power of One

Feeling overwhelmed or under-enthused about a work project is a recipe for procrastination. However, there is a simple way to get yourself moving. Tap into the power of this one little tool to help jump start your productivity.

Make a Clean Sweep

Make a Clean Sweep

If you’re feeling scattered, take a look around. Do you have an orderly space to dwell and work? Here’s a beautiful reminder of the importance of taking the time to de-clutter your life.

Your Values Are Showing

Your Values Are Showing

What do you believe is important? This invaluable piece of advice can make a world of difference in your life experience.

Tune In To Real Accomplishment

Tune In to Real Accomplishment!

What types of projects is your workday comprised of? Moving forward in your business (and your life) requires certain tasks. Here’s a simple hint for self-management and tuning your antenna to the frequency of success.

One Tiny Step Can Put You On The Path To Completion

One Tiny Step Can Put You on the Path to Completion

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of finishing a seemingly monumental task? Do you become easily discouraged or distracted at the mere thought of it? Here is a sublime self-management remedy for quickly moving out of overwhelm and into productivity.